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As a Believer, reaching and maintaining your ideal body weight is your birthright. This is God’s will for you. You are called to glorify God in your body, an important part of your Christian witness.

The Bible is the greatest health and weight loss book ever written. Just as God has a call to every Believer to walk holy in the areas of marriage, parenting, and finances, God has a call to every Believer to walk holy in the area of diet (dietary holiness). God has THE diet plan. What you eat matters to God.

God’s people have become tired, sick, overweight, and are living a fraction of the years God intended. This is not God’s will for you. God has a better plan for you and the Church. Has man’s wisdom let you down? Are you now ready to reach your ideal body weight God’s Weigh?

The subject, message, and purpose of God’s Weigh to Your Ideal Body Weight

Subject:      Dietary Holiness.

Message:    God is Calling for a Dietary Reformation in the Church!!! Will you answer His call?


  • Lead God’s People to the body weight, health, and lifespan God intended.
  • Equip, edify, and furnish the Saints unto all good works.
  • Lead every Believer to an abundant life that is free from addictions.
  • Prepare God’s People for the End Times.

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