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Michael Scott Lowery is first and foremost a Believer in Jesus Christ. Secondly, his spiritual gifting is prophecy. This simply means that he is called to discern areas in which the Church has deviated from God’s Word and then work to communicate corrective Biblical truth. That is what God’s Weigh Ministry and the book God’s Weigh to Your Ideal Body Weight is all about.

Michael has pursued the study of health and weight loss, and what the Bible has to say about it, for over thirty years. Through the founding of God’s Weigh Ministry, and God’s Weigh to Your Ideal Body Weight, Michael is working to lead the Church to the body weight, health, and lifespan that God has always intended for His People.

Michael lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and five children. He enjoys watching his kids play a variety of sports, joining in as often as possible. Michael also enjoys studying the Bible to discover practical solutions to the problems and struggles facing God’s people in this modern world.